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3 reviews for TIFFANY RAZ

  1. Bedazeled

    Hands down the best flavor I have tried from Taz and I luv luv the glitter.

  2. Jai

    the actual vape is very pretty with the tiffany blue color and glitter in the middle … the taste is delicious … it gives hints of watermelon and honey dew melon … very smooth hit with three different intake levels … the LED screen lights up with flowing white diamonds … this vape is a total vibe … if clean, minimalistic n blingy is ur Read more about review stating Tiffany Vape by RAZaesthetic then this is the vape for u … one of the best flavors I’ve had in any vape … TIFFANY for the win !!! Get ya one while they last !!!

  3. Maria

    I like the Tiffany wordplay matching the LED of diamonds flowing like the stars. This tastes sweet, like some sort of candy. Leaves a nice aftertaste. Works well and easy to hit frequently.

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