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Razz THC Live Resin THCa Liquid Diamond Blend Disposable 7g is bullying its way onto the market to compete with the top brands in the hemp-derived scene! If users aren’t familiar with the Razz brand, they have quickly become a best-seller in the nicotine disposable world for its innovative hardware and mouthwatering flavor profiles.

They hope to achieve the same level of fame and praise for its hemp-derived products; that said, they have sunk their absolute best into these tasty high-potency devices! Razz has taken all of its knowledge of advanced hardware from the nicotine scene to create a high-powered and highly effective device. They have also hand-selected some of the scene’s most popular and potent cannabinoids to infuse into this device.

Razz has masterfully crafted this product line using only the finest ingredients and 100% USA-grown hemp, providing users with purity and potency. They have perfectly fused potency, unique and flavor-packed terpenes, and advanced hardware to create a premium THC experience effortlessly!

Razz THC Live Resin THCa Liquid Diamond Blend Disposables contains an ultra-potent 7g blend of THCa Liquid Diamonds, Delta 9 THCP, Delta 8 THC, and live resin terpenes. This disposable line was created with veteran THC users and cannabis connoisseurs in mind.  This powerful blend offers users the best of both worlds, promising hard-hitting and long-lasting body and mind effects!


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