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Welcome to Raz Vape Official Online Store your number one trusted vape shop. Ordering from us is as easy as getting up from bed. Follow the easy steps below to successfully place your order.

Note: We Have a minimum order amount of $100.00. Make sure your cart is filled to the minimum order amount or else you won’t be able to checkout.

Reason for the minimum order amount is due to the fact that shipping Nicotine/Tobacco Vape products to many states and countries is illegal and discreet shipping of packages are also expensive, So to balance the whole process we placed a minimum order amount which makes it possible to handle the cost of discreet shipping for all orders.

Step 1.

Visit our shop page and browse through our store and select any products of your choice, or you can basically just use the search box if you already know what you want and add to your cart.

Step 2.

Once your cart is filled up with the products you selected, view your cart and if its ok, you can now proceed to fill up your billing/shipping details on the next page.

Step 3.

After filling up all your shipping and billing info you can input your coupon code if you have one. You will have to select your preferred shipping method from the 3 listed.

(Standard Shipping: 3-5 business days*
(Fast Shipping ): 2 Business Day Delivery
(Ultra Fast Shipping): 1 Business day

Step 4.

You will have to select your preffered payment method from the list of options provide.(Paypal, Zelle, Cashapp,Venmo, Chime, Crypto{Bitcoin and Etherium}and Apple Pay) . Click Place order and the payment info you selected will be emailed to you within minutes.

Note: Payments are not Automated, One you select a Payment option, the details will be texted/emailed to you in a confirmation email so you can complete the payment of your order. So select a Payment option you have access to when checking out

All orders are processed, packaged and shipped once payments has been received and confirmed

We’ve had issues with our credit card merchants  because we ship out tobacco and nicotine products out of state and due to some state and federal laws, most credit card merchants do not  want the trouble . That’s the reason why we use such other methods and not accepting credit card payments for now. Please Understand.

Step 5.

Once your payment for your order has been received and confirmed. It begins processing, which takes 5-10 hours to process before getting registered to the courier,( UPS, USPS,FedEx, Priority Mail.) Tracking Codes are distributed once orders has been registered with the courier.

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